Peritus I Asset Management, LLC

Asian Investor Investment Performance Awards 2010

Best of Business Award 2009

Peritus Asset Management is an employee owned, SEC registered investment advisor headquartered in Santa Barbara, California. Founders Tim Gramatovich and Ron Heller began their partnership in 1995. Peritus is a value based, active credit investment manager providing services to institutional and qualified retail markets.

Peritus capitalizes on opportunities in the corporate bond and loan market, with a focus on the non-investment grade asset class. We generally target securities that offer what we view as a high current yield and can be acquired at discounts to par ($100), allowing for a potential opportunity to generate capital gains in addition to the coupon income. These bonds and loans are principally sourced from the public, secondary market.

We believe that our value based approach is distinctive and that we add value for our clients via our extensive credit work, internally generated research, and active trading. Peritus manages traditional separate accounts, pooled assets, and structured product portfolios, allowing investors to participate in our asset class in a way that meets their needs.