Peritus History

Peritus Asset Management is an employee owned, SEC registered, investment advisor headquartered in Santa Barbara, California.   Founders Tim Gramatovich and Ron Heller began their partnership in 1995. Peritus is a value-based, corporate credit investor providing discretionary investment management services to both institutional and retail investors.

We believe that the high yield, or non-investment grade, bond and loan markets lend themselves to active management, and through our active strategy, we have the flexibility to take advantage of the variety of opportunities within the space.  One of the key differentiators for our firm is that we view the bond and loan markets as extensions of the equity markets, and as such, put fundamental credit and valuation analysis at the core of our investment process. We focus on investing in companies and industries—not based on ratings, duration, maturity, tranche size, or subordination.  With this strategy, we work to address many of the deficiencies we see in passive, index-based strategies and are able to position our portfolios for a given macroeconomic environment and outlook.

The Peritus team has decades of experience in managing high yield debt with a time-tested investment strategy that has evolved over various market cycles.

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